Our Workflow

Conceptualizing your needs:

As soon as we get a call or an email of interest for our service from you, our team will contact you back as soon as possible to define your goal, conceptualize and analyze your needs and give consultation if needed. Then we will inform you of our whole working process.


After initially knowing your needs and requirements, our technical team will work on determining what kind of technology and resources needed and timeframe. Then, we will make a quotation in which detail information of your website, functionalities and outline of your uniquely designed pages of your website with the best expected price are precisely mentioned. If possible we will provide you a sample template of your website that we particularly recommend for you.

Getting your comments and negotiation:

We are happy to hear your comments and negotiation on what we will work for you. Our team will meet you to make adjustment to reach the deal and to ensure what you wish will be fulfilled.

Design and development:

We will give you the schedule of our working process so that you can keep track on our work. Our technical team will design based on the agreement we reached and iterate it until it is right. Then, we will build your website to make the design, and web concepts a reality with the right content.

Testing and Launching:

We will test the newly built website to see how well it works and whether it reaches our standard quality. Then it is time to show your website to the world.

Don’t worry once your website is officially launched, we will not yet disappear from you. We will still support you to assess how smoothly it works and give you 3-month support and several trainings so that you are able to get the ownership on your website.

Happy Ending:

What we want to hear from you is “It is so awesome! Your team is great!”

ToucanAsia commits itself to providing the best services to you. “Your success is our business”.