Graphic Design

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Our specialist designing team

“More than just pictures”

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ToucanAsia Graphic Design
Graphic Design

Our specialist designing team works on various creative designs for logo and branding materials, graphic designs for photos and videos and printing designs for corporate brochure, flyers, banners, books, reports, etc, in Phnom Penh, Sieam Reap,  Sihanoukville and for national and international.


“More than just pictures”

We will advise you on colors, styles and words most applicable for your logos and branding materials to ensure that they represent your company or organization the best.


Here are the 7 rules we adhere in our Design work:

Design with a purpose.  Anything that does not contribute to the message is not worth to include. We will tell you why you should have this, and not that.

Use high quality images. A single great image is much more than three mediocre ones, so we carefully choose the best images that go with your message.

Simple but better. Simple designs have a greater impact than complicated ones. A one- or two-column layout is much better than a multiple column design.

Choose fonts wisely. Typography is an important part of a design. Fonts must always have the right size as your visitors must never struggle to decipher your concepts. Choosing the right colors is also a great help.

Choose graphics over text wisely. Images tend to deliver messages better than texts as most people will not read a page at the first glance, so the image plays a very important role in conveying such concepts easily.

Highlight the important parts. It is very important to make the important pieces of information obvious. The readers want to know information in the first couple of seconds. Hence, we use styled heading tags and images in order to highlight those important features.

Be well-organized. Readers want to find information quickly. They will not spend several minutes over a page. We should know which part of message need to be placed first, next and at the end. Being well-organized even attracts more attention of our customers.